About Madesco Rewards


Finally, a loyalty program that does it all!

Madesco Rewards is an Australian owned and operated loyalty and rewards program giving clients’ access to savings on just about anything! Whether you want to save on everyday essentials or a gift for someone special, as a member you will never pay full price again.

We like to keep it simple:

No points to collect!

Discounts are instant, simply goto our website to find out where and how to redeem your benefits.

Unlimited savings

on a wide range of products and services; take advantage of your favourite benefits as many times as you like.

You will find a large range Alliance Partners on our website that provide special offers to our clients. Best of all, our list of partners is constantly growing as we make it easy to come on board - this is great for our members as more partners means more savings! Whether you’re a client of our program, an Alliance Partner, or a Corporate Client, it’s good to know that at Madesco Rewards we live and breathe our company motto